Weighing Systems

Weighing Systems that Boost Your Business

Our focus is on custom automated weighing systems that reduce workload and optimize efficiency. These include weight indicators, summing boxes and weight transmitters.

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Rice Lake 920i® Series Programmable Weight Indicator
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Custom systems using load cells or weigh modules and Rice Lake’s 920i weight indicator.

A weight indicator system includes the load cells, load cell summing box and indicator. The 920i is programmed or uses a standard program to do a specific task. For example, an in/out system for a truck scale: operators weigh the empty truck on the way in to record its tare weight and again on the way out to record its gross weight. He then subtracts the tare weight. The net weight of product being shipped is the result. IWS can supply software for many processes involving weight.

Rice Lake  iQUBE² digital diagnostic digital junction box connects to PC computers and PLCs
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iQube digital summing box connects to PC computers

You can connect the iQube digital summing box to four scales and a PC computer or PLC through its digital interface. IW Systems can program the PC or PLC to process the signal and provide data processing or control functions. Examples include container filling, inventory control or customer invoicing. The iQube unit also includes diagnostic routines for weighing errors and system health.

Allen Bradley SLC-500 PLC
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PLC-based weighing systems

IW Systems routinely programs Allen-Bradley and other PLCs to perform advanced control applications. Examples are flow rate control, box and bag filling. You can use PLC systems to control these functions, using touch screens as the operator interface. These are usually built-into control cabinets, along with motor starters or VFDs to control motor speed.