Wheel Weighers and Other Scales

IWS can recommend the best scale for your application

IW Systems‘ suppliers manufacture a broad range of products to suit any conceivable job. Wheel weighers, belt scales, walkie scales, hazardous area scales, here are a few suggestions. Because the range of scales is huge, the best way to meet your weighing needs is to contact us. As a result we can examine your application and suggest the best scale.

  • Conveyor belt scales with rate of flow plus total weight.
  • Wheel weigher scales for trucks and aircraft.
  • Rice Lake 920i belt scale indicator/totalizer.
  • “Walkie” scales for pallet trucks by Weighpoint.
  • Hazardous area scales to meet FM and ATEX requirements.
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The Weighpoint WLC31 walkie scale can be installed in a couple of hours.
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Weighpoint EWS31 Electric Walkie Scale

  • Accuracy of 99.5% of applied load (+/- 10 lb.)*
  • Installs in minutes – drill two holes and connect wiring; it’s that simple!
  • Time is money! Save time by cutting out unnecessary trips to a floor scale.
  • Easy to operate – no extensive training required.
  • Serviceability – the system can be serviced in-house by your maintenance department.
  • Completely portable. Consequently eliminates installation costs or removal expense.
  • Simple design maintains truck manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Even distribution by using multiple load cells. Consequently reduces shock loading, eliminates load cell fatigue, allows continual cycling.
  • Made in Canada.

Rice Lake 882IS intrinsically safe indicator handles 4 load cells for hazardous areas
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Rice Lake’s Hazardous Area Scale Indicator

  • 0.8in, seven-digit, seven-segment LCD display with white LED backlight.
  • Stainless steel IP66 enclosure.
  • T4 temperature rating.
  • Excitation for four 350-ohm or eight 700-ohm load cells.
  • Numeric keypad (882IS Plus only).
  • Duplex fiber optic interface.
  • Power ON/OFF; battery save mode.
  • Configurable local/remote mode.
  • I/O module option: one serial port, optional analog output, optional fieldbus cards, Ethernet TCP/IP.
  • Time & date (requires I/O module).
  • Setpoint functionality with remote indicator.
  • FM Entity Approved for use in hazardous locations. Rice Lake Weighing Systems control drawing file number 180948.

Dini Argeo (Rice Lake) WWS platforms, designed and built entirely in Italy, are ideal for weighing road vehicles
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Rice Lake Dini Argeo WWS Wheel Weighers

Dini Argeo WWS wheel weigher scales are made with durable, high-quality material. As a result they have been a reference point for mobile vehicle weighing for over a decade.

WWS platforms, designed and built entirely in Italy, are ideal for weighing road vehicles. In addition, wheel weigher scales are used for weighing containers, airplanes, and bulky items with multiple support points. Consequently they save space and time. Designed and built entirely in Italy. Some Dini Argeo WWS wheel weighing platforms are available with type approval.

Rice Lake BCi belt scale is a single-idler design
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Rice Lake conveyor belt scales

Monitoring the material flow rate with a belt scale system ensures accurate and consistent weight output. As a result they are ideal for mining, quarries, bulk material blending, process control, and truck, barge or rail load-out applications. Belt scale systems are one of the fastest methods of moving and weighing bulk material. Multiple idler scales provide the best accuracy. In comparison, a single idler scale is easy to install. Consequently they will provide adequate accuracy for many purposes.

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