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Jon Keitel has over 35 years of sales and service expertise

About IW Systems. Industrial Weighing Systems opened in 2005 providing solutions for process weighing applications. Jon Keitel brings many years of sales, installation and calibration experience from Vishay Precision Group, BLH and Nobel products he serviced previously throughout Canada.

IWS specializes in load cell weighing systems and scales, Belleville, Kingston, Cobourg, Smiths Falls, Kemptville, Perth and Ottawa. Eastern Ontario area.

About Us – Weighing Systems

Industrial Weighing Systems offers reliable products capable of operating in harsh industrial environments.  Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Bulk Storage Silos, Mining, Lumber, Paper, Corrugate, Rubber, Plastic, Waste.  System solutions include weigh modules, summing boxes, instrumentation and software. Multiple manufacturer access allows Jon Keitel and his staff to select the best products for your application requirements.

Web Tension, other Tension Systems

Tension transducers for web tension and other tension applications easily adapt to your existing roles with minimal or no change in product profile. Full Bridge foil gauge sensors are temperature compensated to provide reliable tension measurements. PLC interfaces or analog outputs can interface to your web tension speed control devices. Let Jon Keitel assist you in selecting the appropriate sensors and controls for your tension needs

Software Solutions

About IW Systems – we provide Visual Basic programs that operate on touch-screen industrial PC computers, as well as PLC programs tailored to solve your control applications. Industrial PCs and networked I/O modules can be mounted locally or remotely. Weighing devices with load cells, summing boxes and weight transmitters are digitally connected to the PC for optimum accuracy. We provide programs for weight control devices such as Rice Lake’s 920i, 820, 720i. Send your project outline to Jon Keitel at scales@iwsystems.ca

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